"Photography as a form of expression in its most simple and clear way, its what inspires me the most these days. Coming from an action sports background in which i built my own style and path as an international snowboard photographer, nowadays i put more my attention and time not only on that but in all the little details and situations that life brings to me. Documenting them with no intention of disturbing or removing the spectator, but to share and make you participate in the search and joy of those moments captured. I believe in that special communication between the real and the imaginary, where the routine shows as the most recommendable territory to take a look at the world around us. Learning to enjoy the power of discovering and learning in the ongoing process of life, i´ve reached a point in which i see myself more completed as a person and as photographer, and as in many other process, all input creates and output, and that is what you have been or are about to see in this my website. Thanks a lot for stopping by, hope you like it".


Carlos Blanchard

cell: 0043 6765887747

email: hello@carlosblanchard.com


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